Point to Point



On July 14th I began my journey at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers, known as The Point. During my previous Ohio River trip by kayak, I traveled a little over thirty miles each day. On this trip I’ll be sailing and using a 2.3 horsepower outboard motor on a “pocket cruiser” to hopefully double my milage. The number of locks  and the communities I stop to visit will impact my daily milage. Upon reaching the Great Miami River in the Southwest corner of Ohio, I’ll be stopping for a few days to get caught up on mowing and other chores at home.  Then I’ll pick up where I left off to complete the second half of the trip.


The trip got underway as planned, but five minutes into the second day of the trip the outboard motor quit working. I described the situation in Day 2 of the blog. After returning home for several days and with the help of an excellent outboard motor mechanic, the problem has been resolved. The trip was restarted the morning of July 20th, but this time I began at a boat ramp close to my home (Indiana/Ohio stateline) and will be completing the second half of the river first. Once I reach the end of the river at Cairo, Illinois, I’ll decide if I have time before school starts to go back to where I stopped on Day 2 (Chester, WV) and complete the first half of the river.